We Welcome Visitors!

  • Interested people who have never played before or have just started
  • Experienced players who want to improve
  • Accomplished players
  • Out of town visitors just passing through

In addition to having fun and fellowship, we strive to improve our mastery of the instrument and our ability to perform entertaining musical programs as a group.

Our Members

  • Play wide ranges of music genres: Big Band Jazz, Show Tunes, Hits from all decades, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Folk, Celtic, Brazilian, Gospel, and Classical.
  • Play all types of Harmonicas: Chromatics, Diatonics, Bass and Chord.
  • Represent all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and include both women and men.
  • Can learn from club prepared lesson plans on 10-hole diatonic harmonicas and chromatic harmonicas.
  • Can learn the technical side…microphone and sound mixer setup; making backup music recordings.
  • Develop a “stage presence; ” whether that means playing in front of friends at open mic, or playing for audiences at the band gigs.
  • Get tips on playing from experienced experts.

Meeting Schedule

The club meets every Tuesday:

6:00 PM  Blues Group; Harmonica Instruction and Sound Equipment set up.

7:00 PM  Band Rehearsal (all are welcome to play or listen.)  Click here for a sample.

8:00 PM  Open Mic  (all are welcome to play or listen.)  Play a new piece you’re working on or an old favorite to a knowledgeable, empathetic group of peers.   Click here for a sample.

Meeting Location

Centrally located in Rock Hill at:

The Rock Church
9125 Manchester
St. Louis, MO  63144

Click here for directions.