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  1. Michael LaRue says:

    The site is looking so nice and clean. So easy to navigate also. Great job Jim.

  2. Hey Happy GHC Harpers. I’m taking a online diatonic harmonica class from Ronnie Shellist (a great blues harp player). Some of you might have met and or heard him perform at SPAH. He’s planning on coming to Saint Louis in 2013. Anyway Ronnie offers these ongoing classes (all levels) several times a week for $20.00 per month. All classes are recorded (video & audio) in case you miss a class. The live classes are also video & audio of course and run around 45 minutes. Go to the following *link for more information or to sign up. By the way there is no long term obligation and you can drop out anytime if you want. It’s a fun class with really nice people. I’m learning so much from Ronnie.

    Live Online Harmonica Classes

    Have fun harpin’

  3. Michael LaRue says:

    Part of concert of Boris Plotnikov in Philarmonia (Filarmonia) of Ekaterinburg in April 2011.

  4. flashlarue says:

    Borrah Minevitch and his Harmonica Rascals – Harmonica Routine (1941)
    I never get tired of seeing these guys. Enjoy…

  5. flashlarue says:

    Borrah Minevitch (sometimes spelled Minnevitch) (November 5, 1902, Borovin, Minsk, Belarus – 26 June 1955, Paris), born Boruch Minewitz, was a notable harmonica player, actor, and leader of his group The Harmonica Rascals. The Harmonica Rascals, an ensemble of approximately ten pieces, recorded for Brunswick Records in 1933, and later for Decca Records where Minevitch hired Richard Hayman as an arranger for the Rascals (Hayman later worked as an arranger for MGM and the Boston Pops Orchestra). In 1923, Minevitch sold the rights to his work on the chromatic harmonica to Hohner for one million dollars and the company subsequently made a successful “Borrah Minevitch” line of harmonicas. [1] Minevitch spent the rest of his career as a music hall performer, comedy film actor, impresario, film financier and distributor.[2]

    Minevitch performed in numerous feature length Hollywood movies between 1934 and 1942 including “Love Under Fire” (20th Century Fox 1937), “Always In My Heart” (Warner Bros. 1942), “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp” (Columbia Pictures 1941) and “One In A Million” (20th Century Fox 1936) [3]. Minevitch also appeared in a short film made by Lee DeForest in the short-lived sound-on-film process Phonofilm, titled A Boston Star: Borrah Minevitch, which premiered at the Rivoli Theater in New York City on 15 April 1923. He and the Rascals appeared in Lazy Bones (1934), which was a part live action part animated film released by Fleischer Studios as one of their Screen Songs series, the live-action short Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals (Vitaphone, 1935) and “Borrah Minevitch and his Harmonica School” (Warner Bros.1942) directed by Jean Negulesco.

    In 1947, Minevitch retired from performing and moved to France. While living in Europe he worked as a film producer and distributor and opened a jazz nightclub on the Ile St Louis in Paris which he named “Au Franc Pinot”. He helped arrange the United States distribution for his friend Jacques Tati’s films “Jour de Fete” (1949) and “Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday” (1953) before his death in Paris in 1955 at age 52 [2].


  6. marie says:

    Greetings from Manila, Philippines. I really would like to learn anything about a harmonica. I don’t know what kind of brand and beginners book I should get. I am inspired by your story especially because I am also in the Medical field. More power to you and I hope to get a reply soon. Thank you.

    • Vabbs says:

      Hi Marie,
      I came across your query while checking out this site.
      Glad to know that you want to learn harmonica or ‘harp’ as it is fondly called by the harmonica lovers. I am no harmonica teacher, but I love playing harp and like sharing what I know. You can get yourself a Hohner Special 20(or any other comparable harp, but Special20 has got good reputation as a beginners’ harp) in the key of ‘C’ . Please note, that as a beginner, it will be very helpful if you start with a harp in the key of ‘C’. As far as cost is concerned, you can also get harps in lower cost range, but its better to go for a good one. It has got its own advantages over cheaper harps.

      As far as books are concerned, initially you can buy any basic book for beginnners, which will help you get acquainted with the notes produced by the harp. Some books also provide basic information about various styles of playing. I started with this book:

      I got this book from a local store (I am referring the site only for showing you how that book looks like. You can also look for it in local music stores). I have got an audio CD edition. Its really nice book for beginners.

      Some useful links:

      Click to access Beginner4thpdf.pdf

      Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me on vabbs25 rocketmail com

  7. Peter Carr says:

    Thanks, your tutorials are the best I have found online Tonight 🙂 for Patrick Johnson Leroy and Sam Carr, Cheers

  8. Ralph says:

    These guys are awesome. Your tutorials rock for the harmonica!

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